A Little Overdue…I know, sorry for making you wait…

Since my last update…I have submitted and been accepted to perform for the St. Lou Fringe: June 18-22nd. I will be going back to the drawing board on a couple of sections and working with New York-based friends/directors/collabs to rehearse and organize show. 

Jacob Hickey has finalized my tour poster, so I’m ready to rumble (as far as marketing/promo goes)… I will edit this post and upload the final poster. 


First Fringe Festival!!

So…i’m heading home after my fringe debut in Seattle. It’s what i’m calling a ripple effect of the progress of my show…it started at school in Seattle, then branched out into metro Seattle theatre and who knows what’s next (I do -ish ;). I’m learning and figuring out how to realize my projectorial dreams, since there are some more tech elements to the show, but I’ve yet to present them to an audience.  I’ll be producing it in my home town as a fundraiser for my move to NYC, I’ll be relaunching my USA Projects campaign as well as trying out Kickstarter… I’ll be working with a couple of directors and choreographers to help me expand some of the movement elements of the show and work with my poster artist to make marketing material that can be reused so I can have prints ready for any location. I didn’t get to take pics during this run but I’ll be uploading pics from the Cornish opening and  post mortem pics as I unpack this week.



Here’s the new order: 

  1. Dialogue with audience
  2. Music Muse 
  3. Art Muse
  4. Dance Muse
  5. The Furies
  6. Psyche
  7. Eros and the Golden Heart





Seattle Fringe 4 Weeks Away!!

So I’ve been at work rearranging some of the structure, adding new muses, writing new sections to the piece! I’m excited to share those stories and show some new things to my returning audience as well as to a new group of artists and art enthusiasts, but most of all people who aren’t artists and who are curious about the beautiful world of Eros and her desires. 


Eros vs Eris

My next installation for developing a show that prompts my audiences to reminisce about shared thoughts like LLL, is something investigating Hate and/or Fear…I don’t know if I want to keep up the mythological references but I’ve researched a Greek myths and roots to words and discovered the gods/goddesses Eris…sometimes called Erida (goddess of Hate) and Phobos (god of Fear). I’ve free wrote a couple of poems for both emotions and I’m still working out a few initial thoughts. More to come…



I submitted my show LOVE LESSONS LEARNED into the Seattle Fringe Festival and it got accepted!! I will be expanding it at least seven minutes and you can check it out September 18-22nd!!