Erin Renee Roberts: Love Lessons Learned

Reviewed by Victoria Velvet

Saturday, June 21st - It’s a wild night outside, rain beating against the pavement as lightning sizzles overhead. Indoors, the energy is smoother but no less intense as Erin Renee Roberts takes the stage, skillfully weaving together spoken word, movement and mythology. As the embodiment of the goddess Eros, she recounts her love affairs with music, art and dance, never quite making it clear whether each is a mortal artists or the sacred Muse of the medium. By so doing, she begs the question, where is the line between Goddess and woman, Muse and mortal?

Roberts’ appearance and the fluidity of her movements, however, lean toward the divine. In the stage lights, she is gleamingly beautiful, her ebony skin gilded as an ancient statue of Aphrodite, her body strong and lithe as she dances to the heartbeat rhythms of her lovers. When speaking of her first love, music, her gestures are sensual and smooth, bringing to mind the caresses of a bass player on the neck of his instrument. For art, her next love, she is literally statuesque, holding strong poses for a graffiti artist’s sketch session. Finally, with dance, her movements are skillfully isolated, popping and hitting on each funky heartbeat. Each segment has a gritty edge, but draws the audience into a floating, ethereal mood.

In the final scene, she kneels on the ground and produces her heart, golden and anatomical. She begins her ritual, intoning, “I will die in open heart surgery.” She tears her heart into pieces, one for each of her loves, one for the furies, the largest piece set aside for her sister, suggesting that perhaps blood is thicker even than the torrential waters of erotic love. After her death, she instructs, burn the pieces and watch them turn to gold, witnesses to the transformational power of passionate love. The scene ends with the pieces laid out in a ritualistic semi-circle, offerings on the altar of Eros, and the audience can’t help but wonder if the performance itself has been a sacred sacrifice to the Goddess of Love. If so, Aphrodite would be pleased.




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Love Lessons Learned trailer for the St. Lou Fringe 2014 

Filmographer/Cinematographer/Editor: Andy Paulissen


Notes for The Furies (as made by Narissa)

Opening line should be slow and sexual. Women at least for me tend to a be a mystery and onion so many layers…

I pictured this in film format.
I picture you starting with your back to the audience, with your head in profile turning around on the word deceived. (preferably the camera would zoom in on your face) I see a little head piece that like a net.. 

Finding gestures to match the accents of pan -gea -sexual would be preferable
But along with that it would be fun if you found at least 3 ladies in the audience to pin point the gestures too thus involving that audience…
You know me I believe less is more so for the part of Truth-Laughter. I believe you speaking will be enough.
Tisiphone - I see dramatic gestures that of the leading male role in old school hollyweird movies (breakfast at tiffany’s) trying to console a irreconcilable woman. A woman whose been hurt various times in life. 
Giving a gesture on ocean is a must.
Make sure to take a longer pause to accent there is a change in goddess. And give the audience a wee bit of a sexy break ;)
Megara - your eyes should wander as you address the audience before you focus on the person you picked out for her. I feel as you should focus on her with the phrase, she clung to me… If you could touch your lips as if you were in remembrance of a great kiss that would be great. The last part of this should end simply with just the sound of your voice.
Take a break again
Alecto - There’s something different about this one for me when you spoke of her it was as if there was a challenge and you could see through it. Or it was a challenge that you were excited to take. This where your burrrrrrrrrrlesque training needs to come in. This one is sexy so I think you know exactly what to do.
But when I love…I love fully….
You need to gesture to your heart or find a movement phrase that indicates the end of the furies and go into the why do you love me.
Inspiration for the movement and tableaux of The Furies

Inspiration for the movement and tableaux of The Furies


A Little Overdue…I know, sorry for making you wait…

Since my last update…I have submitted and been accepted to perform for the St. Lou Fringe: June 18-22nd. I will be going back to the drawing board on a couple of sections and working with New York-based friends/directors/collabs to rehearse and organize show. 

Jacob Hickey has finalized my tour poster, so I’m ready to rumble (as far as marketing/promo goes)… I will edit this post and upload the final poster. 


First Fringe Festival!!

So…i’m heading home after my fringe debut in Seattle. It’s what i’m calling a ripple effect of the progress of my show…it started at school in Seattle, then branched out into metro Seattle theatre and who knows what’s next (I do -ish ;). I’m learning and figuring out how to realize my projectorial dreams, since there are some more tech elements to the show, but I’ve yet to present them to an audience.  I’ll be producing it in my home town as a fundraiser for my move to NYC, I’ll be relaunching my USA Projects campaign as well as trying out Kickstarter… I’ll be working with a couple of directors and choreographers to help me expand some of the movement elements of the show and work with my poster artist to make marketing material that can be reused so I can have prints ready for any location. I didn’t get to take pics during this run but I’ll be uploading pics from the Cornish opening and  post mortem pics as I unpack this week.



Here’s the new order: 

  1. Dialogue with audience
  2. Music Muse 
  3. Art Muse
  4. Dance Muse
  5. The Furies
  6. Psyche
  7. Eros and the Golden Heart